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/əˈfem(ə)rə/ noun: things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.

experimental, multi-sensory fine dining


Epicurean Adventure

Ephemera’s tasting menu invites guests to embark on an epicurean journey through a multi-course format. The menu evolves continuously, offering return guests a new experience at each visit, living up to the ephemeral nature of the original pop-up dinners.


Our team encourages conversation, indulgence and experimentation throughout the meal. Reservations are required for the tasting menu & are offered from 4-10 pm

In contrast, Ephemera also offers a fully à la carte menu, stripping away the formality & allowing the guest to choose their own culinary adventure.


Think of this as punk rock fine dining.

*90's Kid Dinner May 26th*

*Mexicana Wine Dinner June 16th*



Chef’s Five Course Tasting Menu $69
+ Wine Pairings:
Chef’s Pairing – $45
Daily Menu

Sample Menu (these items are not on our menu currently, but gives you a rough idea of what to expect from us!)

Menus are subject to DAILY change based on seasonality and creative whimsy

Course 1 - House Pretzel, Hawaiian Lava Salt, Pickle, Carolina Gold BBQ, Smoked Gouda


Course 2 - New York Cheddar and Pear Soup,  Thyme Crouton, Apple Honey


Course 3 - Soy Marinated Barramundi, Congee, Cashew, Pineapple, Serrano


Course 4 - Beef Teres Major, Orzo, Smoked Blueberry, Coffee Crust

Course 5 - Basque Cheesecake, Rosemary Ice Cream, Almond, Orange, Cranberry

Art by Calaya Amparo, Sutton Lynch and Jane Hatsfield
sophia painting
Art by Marisa White
Art by Jonathan Nishimoto
marisa art
emily grant art
nichole montanez art
deb art
420158611_408176551704862_8892347160422298253_n (1)
art by Kevin Persaud
art by Ashley Anderson
art by Elle Billman

Art At Ephemera

Ephemera showcases rotating Colorado-based artists.

We believe culinary arts and visual arts live together.

Artists at Ephemera:

Jacob Scott: Oct-Dec 2020

Caleb Butcher: Dec-Jan 2021

Su Cho: Jan-April 2021

Tara Gonzalez & Sydney Jade: April-June 2021

Brian Tryon: June-August 2021

Martha Wheeler: August-September 2021

Sophia Hanna: September-December 2021

Calaya Amparo & Sutton Lynch: December-February 2022

Elle Fine Lines: February-April 2022

Ashley Anderson: April-June 2022

Kevin Persaud: June- August 2022

Nichole Montanez: August- October 2022

Deb Schoen: October-December 2022

Emily Grant: December-January 2023

Marisa White: January-April 2023

Jonathan Nishimoto: April- June 2023

Jasmine Dillavou: June - September 2023

Shannon Dunn: September-November 2023

Lupita Carasco: November-January 2024

Sophia Hanna: January- February 2024

Lauren Browning: February-April 2024

Robbie Blum: April-May 2024

Mike Ortiz: May-June 2024

 All art is available for purchase, contact

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