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/əˈfem(ə)rə/ noun: things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.

experimental, multi-sensory fine dining


Epicurean Adventure

Ephemera’s tasting menu invites guests to embark on an epicurean journey through a multi-course format. The menu evolves continuously, offering return guests a new experience at each visit, living up to the ephemeral nature of the original pop-up dinners.


Our team encourages conversation, indulgence and experimentation throughout the meal. Reservations are required for the tasting menu & are offered from 4-10 pm

In contrast, Ephemera also offers a fully à la carte menu, stripping away the formality & allowing the guest to choose their own culinary adventure.


Think of this as punk rock fine dining.

Upcoming events:

Thanksgiving TO-GO Packages Nov. 23rd



Chef’s Seven Course Tasting Menu $89
+ Wine Pairings:
Chef’s Pairing – $39

Sommelier’s Premium Pairing – $60

*Table 22 To- Go Subscription Package*
sophia painting
Art by Marisa White
Art by Jonathan Nishimoto
marisa art
emily grant art
nichole montanez art
deb art
art by Kevin Persaud 5
art by Kevin Persaud
art by Ashley Anderson
art by Elle Billman
art by Kevin Persaud 2
Art by Calaya Amparo, Sutton Lynch and Jane Hatsfield

Art At Ephemera

Ephemera showcases rotating Colorado-based artists.

We believe culinary arts and visual arts are equally important to a community. Current Artist: Jasmine Dillavou!

Artists at Ephemera:

Jacob Scott: Oct-Dec 2020

Caleb Butcher: Dec-Jan 2021

Su Cho: Jan-April 2021

Tara Gonzalez and Sydney Jade: April-June 2021

Brian Tryon: June-August 2021

Martha Wheeler: August-September 2021

Sophia Hanna: September-December 2021

Calaya Amparo / Sutton Lynch: December-February 2022

Elle Fine Lines: February-April 2022

Ashley Anderson: April-June 2022

Kevin Persaud: June- August 2022

Nichole Montanez: August- October 2022

Deb Schoen: October-December 2022

Emily Grant: December-January 2023

Marisa White: January-April 2023

Jonathan Nishimoto: April- June 2023

Jasmine Dillavou: June - September 2023

Shannon Dunn: September-November 2023

Lupita Carasco: November-January 2024

Alix Garcia: January- February 2024

 All art is available for purchase, contact

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